Rawang Restoran Chin Hiong

清香楼海鮮酒家 @ Sungai Bakau

This local restaurant serves some best dishes around the area. It is considered one of the decent restaurant in the town with proper set up and air conditioned.

Few of their specialty dishes are the Steam Giant Talapia with Soy sauce. Normally most of the Talapia are small in size, however, what they serve is huge. The serving we had was only part if the fish and it wad already such a big portion with thick layer of flesh! The fillet itself if totally different taste from the smaller talapia.

Claypot Talapia Fish Head is another amazing dish you can find here. They do serve other Fish Head Claypot with Pak Sou Kong.

The other favorites are the Claypot River Frog and Zhejiang Ribs. Both are the must order menu.

Other than the above, the normal fried vegetables and beancurds are well prepared too.

Add: Lot 7, 8&9, Medan Bayu, Batu 21, Jalan Batu Arang, Sungai Bakau, Selangor (after existing Rawang toll, turn left. It is at the row of shops after Petronas station. Next to Lee Hin Electrical Shop)
Tel: +6012 202 6125 / +6016 210 2303
Business hours:
10:30 – 15:00
18:00 – 22:30










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