Penang Marshall’s Burger

Marshall’s @ Burmah Road

This young owner is very enterprising. Started from a small burger stall by the road side and ventured into this shoplot selling home made Burgers!

Simple decoration, self service counter, burgers are served in baskets instead of the usual wrapped up burgers. Everything just going well with such simplicity.

Their burger patties are home made as we can see the giant meat mincing machine near the kitchen, every individual patty are weighted and cook upon orders.

There are variety from beef, chicken, fish and pork! You may have your choice of doubling up your burger patty, bacons or cheese. Other side dishes are the Fries and Onion Rings. Top with their own Marshall sauce. Eat your heart out!!

A trip to the outlet is irresistible with all the flaming hot burgers you can find.

Add: Burmah Road (the row of shoplots before Penang Plaza)
Tel: +604 229 9124
Business hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 10:00-23:00
Friday to Sunday 10:00-00:00
Close on Monday




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