Hong Kong Via 28 Riatorante

Via 28 Ristorante @ Central Hong Kong

A very nice ambience restaurant serving very innovative Italian cuisine. Operated by two very friendly lady owners with lots of creativity and passion.

Usual Italian dishes made fusion. The night we were served with great surprises with greeny salad and followed with Beef Capaccio top with Rocket leaves. Then a big plate of Prawns Sashimi with organic Sea urchins nicely sitting on them, and Canadian Oysters on ice! Sweet and rawly fresh!

Another special creamy risotto with sea urchins, Lobster meat, Ikura and a sizeable lightly grilled Scallop!  Mix them well and it gives you a very rich taste.

The most impressive dish will be the unique Foigras Pizza! We are totally gastronomically spoiled. Other dishes served were the grilled Sirloin steak, Grilled chicken where it is dry outside and perfectly moist inside. The Oxtail Penne is tastfully done as well.

Other than the foods, there are many wine and whiskey selection to pair with.

Add: 28, Peel Street, Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2850 8528
Closed on Sunday









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