Penang Beach Corner

Beach Corner @ Batu Ferringhi

This Hainanese Restaurat has moved to this new location from the food corner behind Park Royal Hotel.

The owner has been popular with his attitude for not willing to over sell you his infamous Hainanese Deep Fried Spring Rolls. Even if you can finish up to 4 rolls with 4 persons, the waiter would suggest 2 is enough, with reason that not enough production! And if you don’t call ahead to book, chances of having even one will be very low!

The Spring Rolls are crunchy and filled with lot of stuffs. Turnips, Mushroom, Carrot, Chives, marinated diced meat, cabbage and etc. Dip with the L&P sauce, and the only word you have is, satisfaction!

Other famous dishes are the Yam Duck Soup, Curry Fish Belly, Spring Chicken, Assam Prawns! Awesome and delicious! You will definitely come back for more if you were to visit Penang again.

Add: Batu Ferringhi (between The Ship and the Arabian Restaurant)
Tel: +604 881 1867
Business hours:







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