Penang Kedai Kopi Ho Ping

和平茶餐室 @ Penang Road

This coffee shop has a few hawker stalls. One of the key stalls definitely is the one by the road side selling Pork noodles.

With variety of noodle to choose from, you can have the Kuay Teow, thin or think rice Vermicelli, or the porridge. Cook instantly with all the pig related parts including, intestines,  kidney, liver, stomach, and the brain! Except the meat. Top with Preserved Vegetables (Tang Chai) and some green vegetables. This bowl of noodle will definitely satisfy your taste bud, even though the presentation is a bit messy.

The other stall which is worth recommending will be the Loh Bak stall. Their Loh Bak is unlike the other rolled with minced meats and mixture of other 5 spice marinated ingredients. This one is purely only lean meat rolled in the wrap! Its prawn fritters are perfectly crunchy and tasty!

Add: Junction of Penang Road and Lebuh Malabar
Business hours: 1800 onwards






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