BM Cup Rice 盍飯

盍飯 @ Bukit Mertajam

A street store selling rare steamed rice which was steamed in bowl individually.

Not many hawkers are doing such cooking as it takes times and more work to prepare just plain rice. However, individually steamed rice in a stainless steel cup is more moist and tastily soft.

The cup of steamed rice, after being served on a plate, is then top with shredded roast pork belly and chopped roast chicken. Best of all, they will be covered with a thickly cooked gravy.

The stainless steel cup will be used conveniently to serve you their vegetables soup.

A store by road side under not so hygienic condition, it worth a try as it is hardly seen in the food market.

Add: 74, Jalan Danby, Bukit Mertajam






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