Penang Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor 洪火爐 @ Gurdawa Road

This famous Hokkien cuisine restaurant has a few branches now in Penang. This one at Gurdawa Road is not too crowded and the foods are served fairly fast.

The signature dish definitely will be the Fried Oyster Noodle. Other than oysters, the noodles are top with sliced Porks, Prawns, vegetables and all soaked into the flavorful gravy!

The other specialty is the Fried Glass Noodles (Tang Hoon) with Prawns as well as the sliced pork and oysters. Their Fried Oyster Omelette is perfect too!

And of course my all time favorite will certainly be the Bak Kee Soup! Sliced Pork coated with Cornstarch then cooked in the starchy soup with cabbage!! Just Fabulous!!

There are many other dishes like the Fried Bean Curds with Leeks, Fried vegetables etc.

Address: 260, Gurdawa Road
Tel: +604 262 4841
Business Hours:
Closed on Wednesday









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