Penang Upper Penang Road Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo on the go! Popular mobile store moving around from venue to venue selling YTF.

This particular one is the famous 天公壇 seller. Always moving around the crowded Upper Penang Road during night time till wee hours serving the nights owls after Happy Hours.

Every plate is fixed with the selection, top with the chili and sweet sauce plus the deep fried garlic oil, which make the soup even tastier and flavorful.



PJ SS4 Pork Noodle

Penang Pork Noodle (猪肉粉) @ SS4 Petaling Jaya

Operating at the Kean Fatt kopitiam.
As claimed from Penang, the soup is tasty and flavorful. Top with some sliced meats, liver, intestine and minced meats, not forgetting the deep fried lard, just making the bowl of noodle so wonderful!

It is always crowded with customers. Expecting some 30 minutes wait.

Add: Jalan SS4A/1 (corner shop at junction with Jalan SS3/59)
Business hours: Lunch



Penang Island Bak Kut Teh

槟島皇排肉骨茶 @ Gurney Drive

New kid on the block. Recently opened along the Gurney Drive with many popular BKT shops around.

People were saying its the protege of 白毛 or the owner behind the scene was actually one of the popular restaurant along Gurney.. Anyway, the taste is ok. Restaurant is clean and pleasant. Better environment than those old shops.

Address: 77, Persiaran Gurney
Tel: +604 227 2377
Business hour: Daily Breakfast20121119-180154.jpg



JB Jalan Dedap Catfish

泥鳅皇 Restoran How Inn (好運) @ Johor Jaya

Originated from Kota Tinggi, this shop is serving fantastic clay pot dishes! If you like strong tasty food, the Clay Pot Catfish, Clay Pot Special Sauce Pork Ribs are just perfect for you! Cooked in dark soya sauce, striped ginger and dried chili, the catfish gravy is so appetizing! With a slight change of ingredient, the pork ribs are well flavored too!

Other specialties include the Clay pot Pig Stomach Soup, Clay Pot Chicken in Yellow Vinegar and Gingers, and Braised Pork Trotters. Of course they also sell BKT which I never try.

Add: 1, Jalan Dedap 6, Taman Johor Jaya, JB
Tel: +6019 770 7280
Business hours: 11:00-22:30








JB Jalan Sagu Dim Sum

Gim Cheng (錦成茶樓) @ Taman Daya

A corner shop lot surrounded by neighborhood flats near Austin Height. Foods are ok but it is a good place to chat for morning breakfast. Nice environment and cool with shades with greens on the side.

A wide variety of dim sum available for selection, served in the bamboo steam baskets by push cart. The Har Kau, Siew Mai, Egg Tart, Chicken feet, Fish ball, Loh Mai Kai, Pau and those fried stuffs like Yam Cake, Foo Chok, Carrot Cake etc.

Add: 2, Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya, Johor
Tel: +6016 712 1257
Business hours: 07:00-14:00









Penang Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor 洪火爐 @ Gurdawa Road

This famous Hokkien cuisine restaurant has a few branches now in Penang. This one at Gurdawa Road is not too crowded and the foods are served fairly fast.

The signature dish definitely will be the Fried Oyster Noodle. Other than oysters, the noodles are top with sliced Porks, Prawns, vegetables and all soaked into the flavorful gravy!

The other specialty is the Fried Glass Noodles (Tang Hoon) with Prawns as well as the sliced pork and oysters. Their Fried Oyster Omelette is perfect too!

And of course my all time favorite will certainly be the Bak Kee Soup! Sliced Pork coated with Cornstarch then cooked in the starchy soup with cabbage!! Just Fabulous!!

There are many other dishes like the Fried Bean Curds with Leeks, Fried vegetables etc.

Address: 260, Gurdawa Road
Tel: +604 262 4841
Business Hours:
Closed on Wednesday