Penang Perak Road Oyster Porridge

台牛后蠔干粥 @ Kedai Makan Lean Seng 大路后
This is the third generation since the original store from Malay Street. Even though the founding store is no longer in operation, this branch still serving the very original taste.
The rice porridge is cooked with their very own recipe and dried oysters with charcoal, top with the sliced Pork Belly, Fish Floss, Fried Shallot and Parsley. You can order separate Dough Fritters, Braised Pork Intestine, Eggs, Bean Curd and Pig Skins!
Add: 336-C, Jalan Perak.
Tel: +6016 446 6826 / +6016 485 1010
Business hour: 06:45-14:30
Close on Day 1 and Day 15 of Lunar Month









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