Penang Terengganu Road

The 2 single-story linked house turned Coffee Shop at Terengganu Road has many to offer.

The popular one will be the Wanton Mee and Braised Chicken Feet in Soya sauce. Next to it, you can find the Duck Meat Kuay Teow Theng and Fish Balls.

The Economy Fried Meehoon is tasty too. Another store selling Satay is great where other than the normal satay, they prepare satay with Wild Boars, Intestines and Pig Stomach.

The others are Fried Oyster, Hokkien Char, Char Ho Fun, Loh Bak, Loh Mee, Curry Mee etc.

Add: 65-B Jalan Terengganu (T-Junction of Jln Lim Lean Teng)
Open for dinner only.









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